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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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in two hos, a major announcement abo micel jackson's memorial inos angeles. officis are concerned about the crowds and how to pay f secuty. this is a new battle for custody of michael jackson'shildren brews. after fo of july celeations and his daughtes birthday, president obama hds to russia this weekend. his tough messageorvladimir putin and what he nes to accomplish on this trip abroad he abroad. the largest offensivof president obama'spresidency. >>plus the search for a missing soldier belied captured by thtaliban. > good morning, evebody. i'david shuster iwashington a long farewell for michael jackso memorial service is setor esday at thetaples cent in dointos angeles. weect to he more about it in a news conference in just two hour
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theemorial will take place in the same venue where jackson hd been reearsing for his planned come concert in london. this video shows jackson dancing and singing two days before his ath. msnbc coune haett is live outside the jacks family home in encino, california. urtney, as we waitor the newsconference, what can y tell us oumemorial plans so far? >> so far wh we kw is that it's going to ke place, as was rumored be, before the family confirmed late, late, late yesterday, it going to take place tuesday morning. the staples center holds to abt 20,000people, depending on how they decideo arrange . however, it's only 11,000 seats areavailable the tickets are going to be free. they're not charngor those 11,000. at wasnother rumor that was flying around in the last couple of days. we're going to hr a little bit morebout that at the press coerence. also, i'm told we might hear about what the plans aor the private service as well. so dinitely a lot of har news
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will come out of that press release today. >> courtney,put in perspective the role of eg, the omoters who released this minute and half video ysterday d holding to the videos that we involved in the staples center. ta about their role in all of this. >> you know, i'm reall glad i don'work for aeg right now because they have a tough, tough, tough jo i mean, to nate this in way that is financially sound for them, becaus david, listen. they stand to lo basically, will aundred million dollars, ifot more, truth be told, lots moren theact that michael jackson can't do these 50 shows, obviously. ey also don't want to look like they are exploiting his name in any way. aeg and the staples center is one the same sunder a lot of criticism for that beuse that is where the funeral is. i think it's a good tim toot be too har on them. ey are vendors they have to pay bacwho are awaiting to go
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to ndon. there's a huge, huge tangled web here that needs to be unwoven before aeg can come out o this looking okay. >> courtn hazlett, thanks for the port. apprecteit. >> sure thing. also new today jackson's ex-wife debbi rowe sa she nts custody of her two childrenprince michael and paris. rowe told an anor from o nbc los angeles station she wants her kids bac and would even consider filing a restraining order against jason's father joe. but her attorney backtracked on that later saying rowe h not decide finally yet on cuody. jackson's will requests his 79-year-old mother kherine raise all three of his children including th youngest they call "blanket." joining us live from los angeles is victims rits attorney gloria lr. i undetand if debbie rowe is the ological mother s is first in line, isn'the some. >> as long as she has rowling
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sher parentalrights. ter a long legal battle, the court of appeals found she had not renquished h parental rights and, therefore,he is e only surviving rent of the two older of michael jackson's children. >> gloria, what do you make of the flip-flopping? first the statement from debbie rowe to the reporters her team is not denying she tended to say at, but then the lawyer s this sortf immedieort of conference ll to try to pull back a little bitand say, no, no, the decisiois not final. what is the gal strategy with at? >> well, it may be that behd the scenes that there are efforts to try to resolve th with katherine jasos representativeor with katherine jackson herself. sohat maybeome sort of agreement and/or settlement could be reached. let's say, for example, the idea that maybe there would be extended visition withdebbie rowe she decides not to
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preed to seek custod maybe th'st she's rely seekg and maybe that could be worked out and then there would be an agreement, rather than custody battle. >> there's some peopleut there who e, obviously, cynical and maybe justifiably so but when theyooat debbie rowe's positi they ok at that jackson's will left 40% of his trust to go to his children and left debbie roweutf the will completely. so could that be phaps an effort for her to get in the fami estate i the backdo sa saying the children belong to me so help me financially? >> well, it may behat as part of thesettlement,f there is one, that she is not only seeking perhaps more time, exteed periods of visitation with them, but, in addition, that she would be seeking some sort of finaial settlement a well. we don't know.
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here's what i knw. david, if she decides to wage a cuody battle because she has parental rights, she would have the advantage. she would be psumed to be acting in theest interests of the children and that wou mean thatatherine jackson would ve to show tha it would detrimental to t two older children for them t be placed with their mother debbie rowe. >> the way theydo t -- >> a difficult burden. the way they do that is poting back to the previous hearings wre debbie roweuite clearly said she didn't want to have anything do with custody? >> that's true. in addion, debbierowe would comeack anday that was then and thiss no that was wenhey had a part. now, all bets are off esseially. michael jackson is gone. so here i am, i'm rey to take the parenting responsibility beuse he is no longer here to assume it. >> gloriared, victims rightss
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attorney, thank you u rr coming on. apappriaiatet. >> thaha you, david. >>ou're welcome. > interestiting custody hearingg july 13 but beerere hat, michael jackckso memorial cocorarageill be on ttueayay you can wtch a n new conference that will sortof outline thehe issues of what is happeningng that news conferenceceis coming up here today at 1:00 p.m. eastern n meme and we will have that live here on msnbc.c. > vevelong now. th u u.s. military ysys one marine has beenen killed t the major ofofnsnsiv against the taliban inn s souern afghghisis and several l otrr mariness he been wounded. in eastern ahahanian, a ararch is under wayright now for a a u.s.s. sdidierho apparentnt i i ininheld by taliban insurgegent after hehe walked offhe basase without bodyarmor orisis apapon vice presiside bin inhihis first t ofisis fst visit to iriraq he'll be meeting with i iaqaqi
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leadership. > south korea is keepipi a a close eye on rth korea for any more missile tests. there is spececulioion that n n korea m mght conductt a long-rae tetestoward the united statete although thehe south is not sayg what kind of missile tstst it thinks the northh m fifie, but north korea tends to like to do these thinings on u us.s. hohod. strangely enouough after spenendihe hiday weweend at camp david, pesident obamaa wl travav t to russia fo hisouourt majojorntntnational tr ahad of meetings with t the russian p prididt and p pre e minister, president t obaain an ininteiew withhehessociated ess hardened histance on russssia watch. >> think that i it's important that even we moveve forward th presisintnt medvedev, that putin ununrsrstas that the o cold war approachches t u.u.s.ususan relation is
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tdtded. >> msnsnbcikike viqueirarais li at thehewhwhithouse. it w was so intntesesti when eveverhihi was kicking upup w w anan aer the dispsput election, thefirst place atat ahdidined went d was received wrmly was ruia. w w mu does that play into sort of ththe ododf the white ususe the president preparere to head to m mcocow r these meetings? > is interesting. presesidt t oba and the itite house official w wan toplayowown the cold war aspect betweeeen russia and the uniteted atat where ththeererceion was a rong americaeaea a weak ruia and vi versa. aatrong ruia means a weak ununit s stes. ant to g gpast that.t. theirirst order of bususeses is anan echo fr t the cold war. arms c conolol treaty expiringg december and theyy will tryy regotiate that to rtrthe reduce the numberr of nuclclea arms a t the united states and vivietnion pointed too each other has been reced. thererisis a concern t the last years whahatt tdo with some of th left over armamantnt a
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leftover nuclear materiel. now ththeyavave tdodoven more. there are still flasas points between the u unid d stes and russia. yoyo mentioned relations with ir, , ofourse. the is aoo thehe question o eastern europe,e,nnotr vettage of the cold war wherere countri keke poland d veve wrangled som in rsisia. the questionon othe russian invasion of georgia late last ararhat the united statetes dd haha very strong wordsds when russia came over thehe borderr suddddlyly a many f flt the pretetsese iwhich they did so wasn't usustied. havingngaiaid that, the administration seeee to emphphase e me of the areas of agreement.t. the rentnt sanctions regime th's's bn impopose a aininst north h koa,a, russiaanand chin jojoing in on t tha alongg with soh h rea and japapanndnd t unitededtatate the united statatesasa that is a gogo idea. prprident obama isgogointo make anher one ofof these mjor eeeech as well where he i is expected t to gi a l lite bit momo of that tough love or truth telling as theyall itt hre at
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thwhwhe house and talk abtt the nextxt chapterff u.s. lalatis. david?d? >> mmik i understand thahat a bg cebration is alreread under way in honor of malia's birthday. e is the oldest off t two oba girls. tetells about th. . >> t thas s right, bornrn othe fourthth o julyly. we are told she is s rrrrently campavav with 20 of her clclost t iends celebratiti h h 11th bibirdaday. malia is t oer of the t obama girlrls. the presidenent said in t th interview aot o double x chromomosossccording to the president.t. they are expectedd to retutu tomorrowow. the president nonow rrently making his yy up to campavavid bubueverybody returningng tomorw for the big firewowork s sw on the natatioll mmal om the south lawn as you know, david, a grereiew of atat display. ababsotetely i guess thth a areaving military families andndtataff i inveded watch the fireworkrks? >> ababsotely. the president willakake brief remamas s tohem before thee sho. >>mike, grreaeportingasas alwaysysnn everythihing you're the best. >>hanks, ma. .
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a new t twi in the investigation into t the leakaka cia officer'ss intity and rmrmerice president dick cheneney r re in the fallouttnd the obama administration's role in keeping i it secret. plus, moore music from michael jackckso therers s wo he was w wking onn more albumsririt before his deatat the latest that a as we await a li ne cocoereren in lolos angeles about hihis momori on tuesdada hehelock is ticking. the 72 hour r sa i ion. with zeroro pccenapr for 72 months on select 09 chevy modede.. including impala. witith e e estimated 29mpg highway. ththat better tthatotota avalon. and now get zeroro pcecent apr for 72 montnt onny impala witth a arage finance avings of overer66,2. butut, rrrr time is runniningouout. the 72 hour sale e endmomondy. see your local chevy deaeale. stand behind all who rve. ♪
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you're lookingng a live pietetright now on this fourth ofuu weekenen of l ldydy libert, thetatue o of bebert of courseserereoped a andtpepens to totoists tomomorw.w. it will be closediie the 9/1/11 terrortttas for safefetyndnd
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security r reansns. getting to t t c cro will requirire servation and climbing 168-step spiral strcase and you may not get a ododiew of if i it' haz like it i is dada innyny se, it's open.n. a rare original cpypyof the dedeclation o independencece ha been discovered in eng in rfect condition. it was tucked away in the files ofofhe cocouny's natition archiveses. only 200 dunlap prints named for the printerho made them are lilie to have been made. > t tak a lolo a at these ne ctctur of the v vic president t arrivingt baghdad ininteational airport yesterday. heasasgreeted by general ray odiernoondndraq's director of licy and planning. den is meetining with u.s. soldieie twodays a aft withdrawal of all u.s. c cbat oops from majorrcities. nbc's s to aspepe i is live in baghdad and tell us about biden's visit andnd w what are e expectations f fort?t? >> w we, first of allllththe ce
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presididen h h been stuck o at camp victory nxtxt to bhdad aiaiorort cause of a mododatate sasastorm you may be ableleo see bendnde here.e. he beganan the day withth breakt with the topmerican military commander here,,eneralraraywe dada air ow and with ambabassorr chchriopher hill and a day's's meeting g hehedud whh iraqi prime e mistster nuri al l makii and a host o of other iraqi political leaders.s. the trip is r rllytwold. fitt as psiside obama'a' p poi mann on t wiwithawaw of american troops froro iraq, h wants to know exactlyowow the withdrawalalrorom cities andnd s whwhicwent ead on esday has gone andhether aqaqi forces arcacable of m mataining sesecuty in the urbannareas. hehelsoants to see if f erere has beenen mh h ogress on thee political reconciliation ffro, the vioio i iri parties trying m makthe government work more efficienentlwiwith v vww of hahang all combatroroopout of ththcocouny by next summer a mo o of e 33,000 american troops in the cocotrtry me by
11:18 am
the e dd of 21.1. vid? >> tom, what is the next step--- in the l likof tuesdayy ing the e yy that soldidier had to esntially get o outff i ira cities. as we moveeorward on t this metable what is thehe next big day we should bee looking aa >>wewell really, we should lolookg g elections schedululed for january anddgigive usus alu ether the r rcoconciation process s hawowork well. sosowe haveto watch t secucuri b bween now and ththeno ee tt the insurgents don't try toto reignite sectarian war re which seems t to onef the aiai o of e various insurgent grouou a and certainl iraqi security f frces say theh have a handle on the situation. 0,000 soldiers androroop now bebeenrade byhe united d states. remember, of course,e, i t t iris get into trouble then the americans can always c cee b ba to the cities. mamanyf their basesust located outsidide c cit limits all ove e country. ny american soldiers w we' talkeded t say they are kind of a 30-minutestandndby to help
11:19 am
e iraqisf they g g intoto trouble. >> tom aspell, thankss for the poport the soldieier o o ok on the taliban in a afgnistan clad in nk iove new york boxers is baba hometoday. zachary boyd and m mbebers ofh virrnit r rtuturned tot.t. ho,, xas, last ninit. this photoof booyd generaradd headliness a aund the world whe fighting brokeout,oyd jumpedd out ofof b andnd grabbed his ar and jojoin his fellow unit members on the fronon line.. arar officials say theyey m mig t boyd's p pi boxers i in a museum. new this m mnining "t"t washington post" is reporting that a d dumumen just filed in f feral court reveals former vice president dickck chchen talked with top whitete house officials ababt t ho to reond to reportete questionsns intoho l lakaked the i ideitit f a cia operative. this came outin a chlt leak trial but we'e're getting a slightly diffefere g glae and explain why y in sennd. thth f interviview cheney in
11:20 am
2004 as p pa of the investigation intoto w w leleak valley ame's identitytyoo reporters after herr husband, foform a aassador joseph wilson criticizededhehe sh adniniration's prewar inlligence on iraq. the coururt lili says cheneyey told the fb and psesecurs abououdidiscsions with his former topopidide "scotter" lib and other whitete hsese fificises on the media's questions.s. we had known, of coursrse, fom before aouout these cnversations bebecae of tetestonon from "scotttt" " liy and from evenen that came out atthe liliy trial when libby was convicteteofof obstructionon o justicice t t th is a fiitt look we a areetetti at thth persrsctctivof cheney from osecutors in t tisis case. nnnner alk joins usus. all l ofhihis comesin the midid a lot ofof people fifi bewildering. ththe ama administration is fighting to k kee these prosecututiaial tes what have th a aed cheney andnd what cheney told ththem they want to ke t tt secret. the obama administrationonays
11:21 am
they f feaththat- are given up, es that wash? > think it migght lolook ceainly they are trying to enenrere that t white house officials s vovolv in formal nversations as part ofof a brdede investigation arere protect, especialllly enen ther isaatial securitynfnfmation invovoeded. so i don't think it't'alall at suririsi that the c curntnt whitite ususe standing up in way fofor thehe f for vice president. >> i wonder if it's fafairo gue that may the c curntnt white hohousdodoest understand at the ca is about? i mean, here you have -- maybe ththat myowown sort off persona view. > davvid >> ooty bby was cnvnvted dd y never ululd et a look wh vice president eney's rolele s.s. we knew had he cononrsrsatns with lbbbb and ohehers and bby first h hard a abo valerie ame's identityroromrice ves eney and libby ha memoror problemsms wn n ecifically asked about cheneyy conversatition you would ththk k th cheneyey
11:22 am
mimighnonotave mememyy problems if he is f fang a inrview withh trick fitzgerara.. doesn't the p pubc c ve a r rit to know whhat was itt our forme viviceresidentaid to a former prosecutor about thh case w wre a cia agent's s integrity, r idenentyty w leaked? you know, think ctainly there are some who bebeliee tha e e puic has a r rig to know. it seems thatatououelieve ttha but what welelened today -- >> i do >> -- i i thatat heteteer and guided thebubu admdmintrtratn's public response t to e le. we're no learning that he was involved in lk.k. wewe'r learninghaha he was sosomew involved i iththe bsbseqnt pr efffftt that t the ite house launched. look. ii tnknk there's secondary reasn herehat the obama administration doesn't want to, you know, , lo backward. they have so much on their plate, includingg aost double digit national ememplment and massssiv health care pnnhey want t tohow through and a an
11:23 am
enerergyproposal. just don't know that rr the democrats d deninizi dick cheney asurious asthis entire isisodwas in ourur history iss wowohwhile to the o omama administrarati a a this point.t >> i hear u, jjenfer, but i ththinitit not only anisissu of dick cheney. mae the prosecutor fitzgerald.. evidence came ou fitztzrarald prosecution of libby that, yes, cheney was writing ththe t taing pointsts sctt mcclellan w w g givg and atathey talked a abo joe wionon article, thatt chheyey talked withh bush a abo the declassifying ininfoatatioto rebut joe wisoson. i so ofonder nonot lylys there ananppppornity for us t t ndnd out wat dickk cheneyas dog but also the types of esestis that prososecoror trick fitzgerara a and what ound the prosecutor fefe was imimpoananto cover withth chen i think, at leasast l l of thisn the medediawish these documents would get released and thebama ministration feels differerent but so it es. nnnner, thanks, as always. this s,s, oiously, onmymy spet
11:24 am
spot! i i lo this stryry i kkw!w! i know.w. hot bubutt for you. >> driving us c cra.. thanks. appreciate y youututng up with me today. >> thanks, david. >>ouou'rwelcome. a new nono foror allas governor sarah palin but obably one she doesn't't wt.t. we'll tell but that t congng u america.
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industry-leading protive identity theftrotection... d r one million dollar total service guarantee... absolutely free for one month. ll now and mention ee month. oro to ♪ the city of los angeles is trying to prepare for e thousands of people expecd to flock to los angeles for michael jackson's memorial. we are live at the staples center next. and new th h a poce officer pulla suspect from a burning va his heroic tale in just a few minutes. [ thud ] [ womamaghs ] [ horn honks ] [ sigh
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i'i'm vid shusterr in wawahingt. >>a public memorial for chael jackson will b be heldt t the statapl center inin downtow los angeles on tuesday. in a abo a an ur and a half at the staples center, we e expt o get momoreetetls about the memomori.. in a newews nfnfence scheduled fo1:00 eastern me. jasosohad been rehearsing atat that same venuefofor his s plne coconct t sees in loloon. this footagehows jaccks dancing and singingg in one of s final rehearsals jusustwtwo days before his death. nb michael okokwu is livee osisi thettaps center. who will be leading theeews coereren? will officials from aeg, the promotion cocompy,y,e theree a whatatorort of information is still out therere atat nds to be ananununce >> well, there's's sllll a lot informatatiothth is just ccle t thipoint, dadad. we k kno that the act aeg liliv chael ckson's concert promoters anan a ao the onenersf e staples ctter w wll be basicallyy aiairi this press confereren..
11:32 am
we imagine thehe m may be some city officials b but we dodooto know at thispoint. what the b concern bbngng, of coururseisiseing able pay t the properririte to michael jackson but,t, aththsame time, to make prepararaonons for what they are s saygg may beens off thousasas s of fans here. nonow,he only way to reallyet aenen what they arere preparing for is compare i i topapast events. lastst month, thee ty celebrate the n ampionship win, david,d, ofof tlos angeles larsrs and they d didt t rit here at ththe rner of 11th and figueroa outside the stapaple ceer in int los angeles. what we understatands s th there werereomome 500000000 fans t th descended on t thi arare 700 police officers wewe deployed and you c can see thatt makekepeperft sense to havet heherenn tt itooks like preparatioio a are underr yy f the cityy to basicallyosost people here.e. you can shat theoad isis blblocddoff. ththe are -- there iss some gngnag i don't knkn w witwhether you cacan t tll right ow, but s see
11:33 am
siagagof michahael jackson hee. cecertnlnl there are large tetevivisi screens that upup th any overerowow crowd would beble to watctc the goingsonon inside. we have hed,d, nofficially, by the way, dadavi that anywheree between 75,000 and 750,000 opop might d desnt o on this place. thatat i unofficial aaga. ththe utut isofoffials have absolutely no ideaeahat to expect. wh we do k kowow is thatatathih press conferercece, ey will annonoun t tt 110000tickets to d disibuted to the public and just howow osose tickets willbe distributed, we're waiaiti to hear. w wt a mess. but it's goingg toe interesting to see how it g ge resolved. chchaeokwu from nbc, thanks r the report. appreciate it. you got it. when it comes t to h h musi, we may no have heardrdhe last ofichael jackson. jajackn reportedly recorded two new alalmsms before hedied. and he more popularhan
11:34 am
ever. "thrhrleler" sold 10,000 copopi sincnce jjaconon death and 2.33 milllliojackcksotrtrac were downwnadadedn america just last week. usus ccertpromoters are skrg considering rerelsisi the video of his reararsa. ining us is toure, a msnbc cocoributor. wewe wee talkinin stst hour the bubum at acacks may have beenen prararin >> he wawawoworkg onomomhing atat w instrumental i in t the clsical vein. chael jackson succeeded in many different ggens.s. so music and d dioo was off t wall. rock 'n' roll. a t of "thriller" funun music th "d"danrous." i i ha confidence that michael jackckn n cod have done a asassil album. he reaeallunundetood music. hehe w a producer o music, nott just a nger and song writerr and producerer as wel.l. he undndststoothe human heart.
11:35 am
you think about "m"mann n the rror" and "se'e's out of m my life." henderstood how t t make a song cimatic and operatic. could hehe ke it too other lel l th a classical instrumental aum? ththin he could have donene t. i'm curiouss to see w wh this stuffounds lilike >> toure, arthther any other entertainers o therere who could ever possiblymatch, i ion't knknow maybe soo the ltltur phenenoma a impact that mhael jackcksohahabebee i think of m madna and bono but none havavehehe w wedd mystery associated with tthe >> well, yoyoknknowi don't think it about the weird mystery s so much as t theonongety of which you are relating t to yoour fan and bringing s suff out ofof yr fans. mimichll jackson is star from chdhdhoo so when wewe get to "thriller" 've known him forquite aong titimendnd when "tiller" comes ououa perfect srmrm of things goingon.
11:36 am
mtmt isis huge a younger viewer maynonot alize that mtv showewed lots of viiosos all the meme the e cd is rlatively new. thwalk man is relatativyy new and yuppieism is relatively nen. so lotf d diosable income at a lot of peoplehave. sosoith tvtv showing himllll t me, excitement a autut a new formatatththecdcd andalalk mama giving u us sisi portable in a way it had not be previously in history,rrear demand muc c anbuying musicic,, tre is all of these things c cing togethth t to ke "thhrierer" ths massive 28 m milonon uccess. nonoways, theususic business iss in such statethat a aists are ththried to sell millionn records. you know? 2 llion records at ts point on one bum is almost unheardd ofof so to get to 28 miioio you kn, it's kind of lii e ted williams hitting .6, his babattgg average. can anybody ever do that ain? i dodot t thk so. >> greatatpoint. toure, always a p pleurur tking withth y you
11:37 am
soso inttertiting thanks fororeieingon this morning. apececia it. >> t tnknk ou. >> you'ree welcome. > in less thanwo hohors, officialstt t staples center ll hold a news coonfenen to release details s ououthe ckson memorial and how the public canan get tticts. agaiai y you can watchchhe news conferencece here on msnbnbc at0 eaerertime, 10:0:00 p.m. pacific. >>today, family and f fiends ar gathering pay theirirfifil respects to televisioion itchma billy mas.s. he willl laid to restst i his hototo of mckees-rockcks, pennnnsyanania j jusououide of pipittururgh m mysys was 50 ate time of hihis death and find de at his home mpmpa, florida, on sundnday a medical examiner said h he likely tieie dd of a heaeart attack, ththou t tt results t t confnfirthth are pending. developing r rig now. coasast ararand others e searchining keke erie f fourur mimissgg fishermen. men werere between ages of 50 anand and lefton their 19-foot bobo thursday morning andd have not been seen or h hea f fm
11:38 am
since. lilicoers and other airircrtt from t theu.s. andnd canada are looking for r th men.. we will keepouou posted aswewe learn more. we're leararni n newetails ababtt what hahappeded to the doomed airrarance jet. frfrch instigators s s airr francece fght 447 slammeded i io the atlanticcecean intact and hihit lly first. they say i i happened soo quick th people o board p probly had t tim to incidentallyy flat eieir life jackets if,nn ft, eyey survived the actual impact. the i inrmrmatn comes f fomom t rsrst port into accidentnt t th llll all 2228 peoeoplononoard the e flhtht fm brazil to frfran. neneththis hour. a texas lili officer saved a suspectrorom buurngg an. officecer brian parker s say th man sped ptt him a a more ththa 10100 leles hour but he d dn'nt get very far. the suspect flippppedis van and was still belted i in as gagan to ururn. fificeparker used afifire
11:39 am
extingnguierer t to put outhehee and at leaeast pu out the f fi enough t toreak outthe w wiow and hehelp pull ththeususpe out. the e suecect injured hisis anke but police sayay i iwas not seseris injury. he is now crgrged with evading arrestst. coming up, president ama's ugh talk for rssia and whyhy h is warning russian ldeders agaiaitt usingghe old coldd war tataicics. if you canan'tetetnough of michael jajasoson, head oerer t,m,ouou c catch the lastst news, slidede sows and inrvrvie and pasterformances alall o o special section on our website. the great american h hiday is here. and here's s somhihing to celebrbre e - thgmgm72-hour sale. you only h hav7272ours to dedecle e yo independence frfr i intest payments fo6 6 ll years, wiwith% apr financing for 722 montnthsn n al2009 sierra 1 150 and yukon xl's... 0% aprproror 7months going g onowow.
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duringnghehe g 72-hour sale. . sit!
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micicha jacksksonay have had twmore albums in the w wor at ththe me of his datath accordin toillboard magazine.. one of thehe albubu was pop mus. e same veinththat made himm
11:43 am
famous. he was working onn that aumum with singger d producer in. ththe heher allmm was repeptete inststruntntallassic mmicic. president obobam travels russia tomorrow where he w wil meet one-o-on-e with prerededen medvedevevndnd pme minister putin. thprpresent says hee has devevelodd a verergogood relationship w witmrmr. medveve after they met in aprilt t th 20 summit in l lonn.n. in an intervrvie with the associated prpre,, psident amama lked about what he hopepes to accomplish inmoscow. > i think that wee'r going t be able to get soome importrtan businessss de,e, setting a amework fofor a postst s sta treaty that willll bringngowown vevels of clclear rhrhds onn boboth theussiannnd e u u. sides. > mbcbcoliticalanalyst jojo watkinins a a republican ststtegist and keeit boykiki a democraticic strategist. they weree oted as yiying they don't have exssive hpepes r
11:44 am
the meetetg.g. what should the prpresenen accomplishsh tbebe csidered a cccces >> i think it't's odod todownply expectationsns a t te you have a trip likikee thisececse it's always unpredictatabl i t thi the president w wan reduction in nuclearorors and wants toto get theieir operati with iran and maybe north kokor. i think russiansnsananto get rereinvolved, obviously,y, inn natotondnd s whathh can d d to prevent introduction oforces in some of theastern euuroanan untries. i think it's an opportrtuny y woworkogether here,ececau the esident hashohose a d difrerent path in dealalining with russism hihis prededessssor. i i thk k ey can wrk togethehe >> joe, f apopolical pepepective, i would imagigine this i i not a trtripwe'll hear lolotofof republican cricism o ananalisisiven that, i iean, foreign policy repububcacansave sort of baback u up the prprese rtrtaiy onafghanistan, some iriraq doesn't t fe l le a lot daylight onn r rsia sosom >> you h hit all of the right tttts, david, thhat 're americican w wther democrats or
11:45 am
republicans and we w wt t the president to bee successfsful his scscusons with the soviet -- i'msorry, with vuvush sha russia. they have e e e sih largest g in the w wor from a a purcrcsis standpointnt aaargt stoocklele of weapons of mass destruructn in the worlrld. with thihi arar treaty coming to end in december,r, ty y ha to renegogoatate mething that works fofoeverybody. j joeo you feel there i is a strategic approaoa of the presidenenthhat republicans, though, might takekeisissu with? i m mea t t presidentt sememso be relatively fi.. he's n going to ---- he iss sayiyinge e not giving yonon anything regardiding nato exexpaion or missiledefense, t,t, ie heard some republicacans suggest he needs t tbebe toughe >> well, i think that we waant o e e threresint be tough in his notiating stanceceitith russia.. clearly,y, lk k athat happened wi president bush. presidenent shsh, of f ururse nted to deepl t t nuclear miilile terceptors inin polandn
11:46 am
and russians werere oososedo that. it's intereresngng t t s see if prididt obama wants t to reintroduce ththat idea ing rwrwar >> presisintnt oma has gotten a lot of crred,hohoug fromhehe ruians partitilalarl from medvedev because hee wasn't itical of the russians. he is very helpful d useful i i recognizining eieir le in wldld war ii whihich other leads lili sarkozy and gordon brown did not do. was the only leader t tha the rurussns praised for doingg tha. think he is striking diffffert t ne in dealing with theussians om his predecessors which i is aa good thg g t only with russia andnd iran and cuba. the president is stririki a w foforen n licy whichss more ababout engagamement and less at the sort t ofalkirirst a and as questions later. >> we hope so. ink about whatat hpeped betweenn presidede k kendy and n e e '60s and before that, with ninixo you had this vver very tough bang your shoe o the deesk k ki ofof diplomacy, policyyetween ssia andhehe unitededttat.
11:47 am
metimes, kindndneis mistakak for weweness. clearly, w wt t we don't w the prident to do ise mimistenen for being oft, forotot being strong. the united states isstrong. are theworld'smaybe super power, at the same timime, we kw we have toto coisist withth rsi and want a p pcecefuworld a a free of nuclear weapons. sosohehe psident on the one hand has to take the ololiv branch been exnded bymedvedev but,t, at t t s samtime, be strong. >keith, i wonderf there is y possibility of surprpris on th trip,iin that -- i meaea the p predede seems to have found a certain sort of strength in t ter of m mar foreign policy speeches w wheerert was a an a' controlspeech in prague or address to the muim wldld and another major foreign n pocycy speech he e is ging in moscow. wowoer if thatt m have t t potentntiaofof aleast surprising lot ofeople back h ho as farr as the possible impactctrr the possible contntouhat the presididt t mit arrcucula? >> i don't t thi i ithey will rprprid what obama says when he speaks. i think maybesusurises in w wha is deliveved.d. i owow the w whe e house, a as y
11:48 am
white house does,ryry to dodownayay expectations wheneve you have a tpp like tis. i would bebe sprpredf t tre wasn't't setethi more cocotrtrucve than what people are predidictgg t come out o o this. i think the president has been do quiet d diomomac behind t scenes, he andnd secretaryclcltn andd others veve bn tininto netitiatwith the ruians wiououthe baggagef f t past. i think thhatay be helpfulland think we mighteeee at thendnd of the w wkk somometng that we aren't expectctinaa new agreement thatatomomesut of there. >>ertainly. adaderdon't like toetet tothther unless they can actually havav s setethi they can -- > thh's's ght. >> keiththboykin andndoe tkins, ththanyoyou both. have a great july fourth. . >> you, the same, david. t tha you. >>bebern madoffisis behindd barsrs now hi wife ruthh s s en booteded fmm thecouple's $7 million new yoyorkitity pepentu artment. marshals e ectcteder on trsrsy anand e ap reports that whe thth madoff t trdd to take her fur coat on her way out,
11:49 am
auorities stopped her.r. sheelele thehe bldldincarrying lyly atraw bag. the fedd plans to sell everythig including the e fu coat too recp ththe llllns for the victims in the ponzi scheme. onmonday,ererni mamaff was sentenced to 15050eaearsn prison. there is a firirstimimfor everytythi.. north korea is emembcicinghehe capitalist concecept of teleliso advertising. e of the first commercrclslso hit t th country's'sirir wes is selling g be!! the ad claims north korean brew has a a uniquescent, a a fresh tae,e, and will help e ese stres anand ad to a healthier lifefe >> video right n of onene michael jajackn's last rehearsalslsororhis london concncer up next, word tt one of thosee showss mayay haave includedisis 12-year-old son. ay with us. yoyou ha questions. who can n giveououhe financial advice y n n where will you fd the stability and resoces to keep you ead of this rapidly evolngorld?
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these are tough questions.s. thatat's y we brought togethther two othe most poweul nes in the industry.y. introducing morgan staeyey smith barney. here to rethin wealth management. here to answer... your questions. morgan snley smith barney. a w wealth management f firm with over 13yeye of experience.
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sararah liliis gegeining a w nor ststow upon he butt y not be something shehe ally wants. thth nional society of newspaper columnists has selected the alaskangogoveor the recipienent i i annual siinin duck awardrd. governoraali beat out decratic rod blagogojechchthe ousted former illiliisis govern. w w the runner-up.. past winnersnncle ann ulter, martha stewart,t,ndnd former presidentnt, lllllinton. > a are just m mutes away from a news conferencnc live frm the e stleles center about michl jackson's memoriri.. anthth week's eition of "u weekly" magazineneeaeatus jackson n onhehecover. it includes a -p-pe tributeoo the king of pop.. joining us from ththetaples center is melanie brbrleley. west c coa bureau c cefef f"u"u weekly." melaninie,hehe's ththis report that jacksonn mhthtave icluded one of his kids i inhe concert. whwhato we know about that? >> reporter: that's righght. wewe learned thatririe michael,
11:54 am
his so was goioing to perform on stee with m mchchae in london a hihis in his concert. it was going to o the first time, vvioly, that they wewe going to performrm together. it was aigig deal for miaeael. chael wanted hisis ililen to see what his me was allllbobout to see him perform anan he wantd to include hihis children in hi big comeback tour. >now,e e wod then suggest s s chdren were sororofof more actively involve in some ofhehe hearsals. we a areoooong athe video t ttt was releasedyesterday. do we know anything morere abou that? w frequently t kids may hahave either watateded t rehearsalalor been part o it?t? actually, w onon't as far a awewe'rled to bebeeve, ththe ilildr within the at ee hehearls before he died, but he wawaeded them t to see this. heanted them to unndetata whatat h fe was about. the childrdrthat were constantntollowed by paparazzi d fans and wldld he always been wondererin kind of, watat ththbibi deal was. that was whyhy m micel wanted t
11:55 am
inududprince michael in the whwhe concertprprocs so that they couldld falally understand what their father's fmeme was a about. >melanie, wewe kww that thers gogog to be auusty hearingofof sorts ineess than two wes.s. isis ts one of these things th yoyou n imagine is goingtoto kep drags ththrohoho the summer. is there anyope f some kind ofofesesolion on the custody sue, particularly? >> reporter: wellll, this is difficulult ee to answer. imean, debbie r rowhas said to a a lol reporter thahat she wil going forcustody. her lawyer hasas said, l let ho off. he hasn'tmade a final decision yet. she is -- claims to be thehe olologal mom and ishe biological m m o o these children. and of course, micicelel's moth, katherine, alsls w wan cussto.. soe'e'reoing to seeee a tttt, potentially see a battle between ththes o sides and i it ululget very i intesesti. >>elanie brley, thanks soo
11:56 am
much for j joininus.. we appreciate it.. we are just about an h hr r away from that m marr jackson o michael l jasosos memorial. you can watch the n ne cocoerence live right rere on msnbnbc. my ccleleag, chirsrs jansing, tatas it from rre, live at theh stapless center in los angelele. thanks for watching, everybody.. i said, "you'rjong." amandai know sandra rsonally. and she was s ly ablto afford a week's worthf medication at a time sandraraso o omy medication was $100 for one prescription. amandabunow,he's able to get a whe nth's generic prcrtion for $4. amandashe's also able toetet three-month supplyly f j jus$10. sandrai just want toto say tha you, from the e boom omy heart. vo: save money. live betr. walmart.
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riright now on msnbc, new detailils about a public memor for r the ki of pop. an announcement expecteted in ababout an hr and the city o of los anangeles scrambling t to y to figurout thousand to make it all work. > plus, a custody battle. dedebbierowewe, michael jackson formerife, tells knbc,c, s wants her kidids back. could she rereally getustody? plu new developments i in the investigation i into wther thee glloved one w was usingnd abusining prescrtion drugs. hello.


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